Periodontics Clinical Cases

Cases treated in Estoclinic:

Case 1

A 21 year-old patient referred continuous discomfort upon brushing. She suffered from chronic inflammation, calculus and a deep recession or loss of soft tissue on the central inferior incisor. A thorough prophylaxis was performed prior to a connective tissue graft that gave back the tissue the patient was lacking. She has never reported sensitivity or discomfort again and is able to maintain the area perfectly clean!


Case 2

This 31 year-old patient was about to start an oath treatment but was very concerned off her lack of gum in the anterior inferior teeth. She also had a high frenum attachment pulling the tissue further down. Following a thorough higiene, and previous to the ortho, we completed a connective tissue graft that eliminated the frenum and was able to cover all the roots. It is crucial to carefully examine the gingiva prior to oath treatment as some conditions can be worsened with tooth movement. The improvement is astonishing!


Case 3

This 50 year-old patient was diagnosed with generalised chronic severe periodontitis. She presented with deep probing depths, bleeding on probing and an angular defect, as observed in the radiograph. If left untreated, she would have experienced continuous loss of support until the tooth would have been recommended for extraction. Fortunately, we were able to perform a guided tissue regeneration for this area with particulate bone and enamel proteins regaining part of the support that was lost. Check how the bone grew between the molar and the premolar! The patient was able to maintain all her dentition and still comes for regular maintenance.


Case 4

This 50 year-old male patient referred his aesthetic concern due to the recession or loss of gingiva around all her maxillary teeth. Recession can be caused by a traumatic toothbrushing (too strong). Consequently, it is very important to instruct our patients how to correctly self-perform oral hygiene. With the aim of covering all root, we placed a connective tissue graft. The patient is super happy with the result!


Case 5

This 28 year-old patient was concerned of the way her smile looked. She presented with a gummy smile and short and square teeht. She suffered from altered passive eruption, an alteration that hides part of the crown of your teeth. We performed a crown lengthening for her, a procedure that eliminates the excess gum and bone. She is thrilled with her new smile!!